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溫哥華西門菲沙大學電台中文節目【言樂坊】. 逢星期六 (Sat) 12-1pm PST 播出.

下星期六: Sept 24

Music: Alok (Hong Kong's Aphex Twin - electronic musik genius), some chill out stuff from China, My Little Airport (Hong Kong), Gaybird and 有耳非聞 (Taiwan), etc.

Spoken Word: Listen and find out... hehe


9 Responses to “下星期六: Sept 24”

  1. # Anonymous Henry Cho

    Hey! I had listened your show! I like "Pink A" a lot man!

    btw, I am Henry! I keep listen to your show every week, but I just too busy to attend it.  

  2. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    hello Henry,

    so nice to hear from you... thanks for your support ar...

    Yeah, i love Fan Hung A a lot too. But, many people just didn't like their vocal... oh well... i love it.

    any other good chinese music to recommend??

    btw, you are always welcome to join us any saturday bor, when you are less busy...  

  3. # Anonymous Henry Cho

    you know I always fall in love with those weird vocal voice!! See I like AMK, pancakes....

    anyway, I guess what I hear is just what your hear.... recently I got MLA lastest album, it is great! keep playing for a few times already.  

  4. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    hm... to be honest I don't really know what MLA is? But, I've heard of the name though on MCB... I'll have to check that out then.  

  5. # Anonymous henry Cho

    so you donno my little airport?  

  6. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    haha... i'm so dum... MLA = My Little Airport... why can't I think of that?! haha...

    Yeah...i know them and like them a lot too... Nicole's got a great voice.

    Hey, if you like them, you should try Acid House Kings from Sweden. They sound pretty good too.  

  7. # Blogger å¿«æ¨‚牛郎

    Hey, why did you guys play Genki Rice Ball two weeks in a row? I am not a huge fan of Fan Hung A. I think they are just fine.  

  8. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    oh... did we play that song twice in a roll? hm... ok. It's banned from our playlist for this year... how about that! haha  

  9. # Anonymous henry Cho

    ya, i like acid house king too!

    btw, i go to hk tomorrow!  

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