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Japan's: Envy

Some of you would have already heard of this band from the song "I Chose Horses" on Mogwai's most recent full length "Mr. Beast". Envy is a Japanese atmospheric hardcore/metal/punk band. Their latest effort titled "Insomniac Dose" is released on Temporary Residency.

"Insomniac Dose" (2006) Tracklist:

1. Further Ahead of Warp
2. Shield of Selflessness
3. Scene
4. Crystallize
5. The Unknown Glow
6. Night In Winter
7. A Warm Room

Japan's: Yasushi Yoshida

Yasushi Yoshida's debut "Secret Figure", released via Noble Japan. Full details here.

"Secret Figure" (2006) Tracklist:

1. Silent park
2. Parade for closure
3. Parade
4. Chair father
5. Octave of leaves
6. Dance piece
7. Remembrance in glass
8. Picture of three life
9. Family

Korea's: Denci Hinji

Released in the Hermit Kingdom in 2001, Denci Hinji's "Day Is Far Too Long" is an inviting dream-pop/electronica album not to be missed.


1. 치??
2. 흑??
3. 보??
4. Sad Song
5. 달??
6. 검??
7. 아스피린 소년
8. 구??
9. 통??
10. Marvelous Story
11. 가??
12. 오??
13. 누??
14. 해??
15. 잘??

*My apology for the song titles. I don't read Korean, and thus no translation is provided. If interested in purchasing the cd, head over to: Tube Music

V.A. Compilation: Lobo Three

Released early this year by Taiwan's White Wabbit Records, this is the third instalment of the Lobo compilcation series. Like it's predecessors, Lobo Three is graced with stellar materials contributed by indie artists/bands from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Styles range from indie pop, electronica, garage, shoegazing, punk, to um... emo.

"Lobo Three (V.A.)" (2006) Tracklist:

Side A
1. Colorful - Two of the Who
2. Doodle - Runaway Train
3. Slow Burning Machine - I'm a Retard
4. 393B1 - The Ninja of Konoha (part)
5. Hindsight 20/20 - Eyes Contact
6. RICO - Moon Rock
7. Orange Grass - Artificial
8. Smol - Questions
9. Murmur - The Sorrow of Young Wanker
10. Diagonal - A Night in Mist
11. Denci Hinji - Aspirin Boy
12. cocoMu - Game Over

Side B
1. Indulge - The Two Lines of The Railroad
2. microcesmos - Flying Through The Cosmos
3. Ganache - The Old Man
4. Dolly's Pillbox - Bedtime Plus
5. Atombook - Melody on Mellow Day
6. Zibet - Swing Your Bodies
7. Yobbo - Flee
8. Nastyona - Cause You're My Mom
9. White Eyes - I Am Murmuring
10. BB Bomb - Punk Rock Girl
11. 12.3 - Narcissinm Beauty
12. Elf Fatima - 破浪

*Some of the above song titles are translation of actual titles.

Montreal's Shanghai Triad

Montreal's trio Shanghai Triad. Classic!

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