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不均衡的世界貿易 WTO Hong Kong

- courtesy Aimer

最近幾年,不斷聽到香港政府官員以經濟理由向民眾施加壓力. 每次示威遊行,責備示威人士影響香港的信用評級,影響香港的國際聲譽. 試問如果不使用這種方法,那又如何揭穿社會上的不公義? 難道要人們因金錢考慮而對社會不平忍氣吞聲? 再加大多數示威者向來也是以和平的方法表達意見.

Some stats:

  • WTO widening the gap betweeen rich and poor since: 1995

  • WTO member countries: 148 (China joined in 2001... Shame on you)

  • Protestors detained (and recently released): 944 名示威者被捕

  • Protestors facing charges: 14 名反世貿示威者被起訴

To learn more, here's some resources:

"World trade should work for the whole world" - Ed O'brien, Radiohead

signing off... Charles

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    你所講的 "some stats" 其實唔係 stats ...  

  2. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  3. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】


    I guess you're more looking for things like this:

    This is by no means the most objective resource, since it is from the WTO official site. But, the articles there I found are quite intriguing.

    Notice that even the WTO themselve admit that their "liberalization rules and policies have led to increased poverty and inequality, and have eroded democratic principles, with a disporportionately large negative effect on the poorest countries." What a surprise...

    hope you find this helpful la...  

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