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台灣樂團: 8mm sky 八厘米天空



8mm Sky,形容他們的音樂~就像"夏天的午後突然打雷"吧!從早期的Walking in the sun, song 1, the Sound Before Christmas到最近的新歌讓人由yo la tengo,18th dye,及天空爆炸的影像聯想,吉他爆炸減少了!取而代之的是愈來愈內斂的音符堆疊。2002年4月成軍,除了在聖界、地社外,也在夏夏叫、噗雌頌、 野台、春天吶喊等活動參與演出,同年十一月,受邀擔任Explosions in the sky暖場團。2005年受邀擔任múm暖場團。

正式發表的the sound before Christmas和Daylite running necessary兩首歌曲,分別收入在蘿蔔一號(WWR,2003) 和電、棒、燙(Avex,2004) 之中;2002年十二月發行現場表演(天空爆炸暖場)VCD限量50張,現已絕版。

新專輯 "Finders Keepers" (2006) Tracklist:

1. we don't even shake hands
2. the Painter
3. finders keepers
4. something upstairs & something behind
5. so, let's go
6. her november diary
7. eli in tv
8. what if next autumn
9. check the other side
10. rocket no.7

轉載自: Silent Agreement 默契音樂

樂隊官方網頁: 8mm sky 八厘米天空

6 Responses to “台灣樂團: 8mm sky 八厘米天空”

  1. # Anonymous Henry Cho

    hey, just listened your show last week. And think you are so right about people play post rock music with huge similarity. personally, I am not yet enjoy this genre enough and already get tired of it, cuz almost every track is about the same.

    But I would like to know, why do you like some post rock group over than others, let's say moiwai, is it something really special from them, or just some other group play post rock sucky?  

  2. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    hey henry,

    yeah. post rock is getting repetitive of late. but, i find that when it's good, it's really good.

    some reasons why i'm a sucker for mogwai:

    1. their live performance (they know how to get loud and make wind turbines out of amplifiers)... contrary to the term post-rock, they do "rock"!!

    2. their ability to (somewhat) change their sound (i.e. from Young Team to Come On Die Young to Rock Action)... they had a great run

    3. i just like their tunes (their melodies work on me everytime)

    4. their scottish accent (hehe, nothing to do with music... but i like scottish accent)

    another group i like is Godspeed You Black Emperor. their stuff is so cinematic and tells interesting stories every time.

    and of course Sigur Ros, you have to like them. they just sound so different (in a good way) and majestic!

    anyhoo... i hope you check out some these cds... before you get bored of post rock:

    - Galaxie 500 "On Fire" (a cross between shoegaze + postrock)
    - Mogwai "Rock Action"
    - Sigur Ros "Agaetis Byrjun"
    - Godspeed! "Lift your skinny fist like antenna to the sky"

    ;) phew... this is a long one  

  3. # Blogger bond

    I watched their gig in tawian, they are good!!  

  4. # Blogger 快樂牛郎

    Hi Henry.

    There are several aspects about post-rock. Bands can choose to concentrate on the cinematic atmosphere, creating different layers of noises, or storytelling based on the change of dynamics and use of instruments. Any band that does one of the above successfully is considered as a good band, in my opinion.

    By the way, are there any really good post-rock music that came out in the last 2 years other than Hammock and the Precious Fathers?

    P.S. I am planning to buy the precious fathers online since Chls you are not sending the album to me for a listen.  

  5. # Blogger 快樂牛郎

    Oh ya, why hasn't Do Make Say Think made another album? I really love the direction that they are heading towards.  

  6. # Anonymous DAMON

    anyway,Post rock 怎repetitive 都不及rock repetitive:P  

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