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Yippee 2007!

Hope you had a good one in 2006. As you can see, the new year has given us some motivation to get off our couches and give this site a facelift of sort. We wish you a productive year ahead, and thank you again to those who have been so supportive over the year. Cheers everyone and see you in a bit.

And here are some of my music picks for 2006:

- The Yours "Abraham" Myspace
- Tizzy Bac "我想你會變成這樣都是我害的" Official Site
- Selfkill "雨停了之後" Official Site
- Lighthead - "No 3" Myspace
- Les Breastfeeders "Les matins de grands soirs" Official Site
- Swan Lake "Beast Moans" Myspace
- Hylozoists "La Fin Du Monde" Myspace

If you're interested, here's a roundup of almost all the "Best of" lists for 2006: Largeheartedboy


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