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Why Moz don't have time for Canada?

為什麼 Morrissey 對加拿大歌迷這麼冷酷無情呢?

參考 1: NME article
參考 2: National Post Editorial

6 Responses to “Why Moz don't have time for Canada?”

  1. # Anonymous kulilin

    就和Paul McCartney因动物保护原因不肯去中国一样愚蠢,怎么能因为少数人或者政府的行为决定其人民的命运呢?  

  2. # Blogger 阿中

    Hi prissy. we are all coming to Mogwai.

    Just for you.  

  3. # Blogger psychopath


    we should get drunk this time!! LOL  

  4. # Blogger 快樂牛郎


  5. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    haha just for me? hurry! get your tickets now!!! haha

    and sure, a few drinks won't hurt. ;)

    and guys... i do think Morrissey is going a bit paranoid with the whole seal hunt thing... it's just pointless to boycott us nature-loving Canadians, when he's touring America which by the way inflicted way more damages on our ecosystem. ai... he must be going through a mid/late-life crisis.  

  6. # Blogger 快樂牛郎

    It is just an advertising gimmick to grab attention, I would say.  

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