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英國樂團: Mojave 3

隨著 Mojave 3 新唱片 Puzzles Like You 的誕生,最近去了樂團的網頁討論區驚喜地發現有不少華人 Fans 以中文留言. 看得頗為有趣. Here's the jist:

I am a chinese girl,I love mojave3 deeply & crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want be everyone's friend!
(my english is a little poor)


I live and study in China. I haven't met a single person in the city where I live who loves dream pop/shoegaze. That's kinda weird when you see that the population of the place where I live is nearly 9 Million, if I am not mistaken. Most of the Chinese people I've met here( that includes about 95%) are all into mainstream pop or hip-hop. Surprisingly, I have come to know quite a few number of guys who love Post-Rock. That includes Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Do Make Say Think and the like.

China has a huge underground music scene with bands that have influences ranging from Joy Division, Bauhaus to Sex Pistols and even some Emo.

I miss Slowdive.



I'm in Shanghai:)

In fact ,there're many people love shoegaze and dream pop music in my city:)

I had a shoegaze band 2 years ago.

I miss Slowdive,too.

I am a chinese girl too but from Hong Kong
nice to meet you
it's hard to buy M3's Album in mainland China
I suggest you buy them in Hong Kong

"Puzzles Like You" (2006) Tracklist:

1. Truck Driving Man
2. Puzzles Like You
3. Breaking The Ice
4. Running With Your Eyes Closed
5. Most Days
6. Big Star Baby
7. Ghost Ship Waiting
8. Kill The Lights
9. You Said It Before
10. To Hold Your Tiny Toes
11. Just a Boy
12. The Mutineer

樂隊官方網頁: Mojave 3 (North American tour dates announced!)

4 Responses to “英國樂團: Mojave 3”

  1. # Blogger psychopath

    nice layout

    um.... white color is the current trend? :P  

  2. # Blogger psychopath

    快D upload你地D節目重溫 lar!  

  3. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    ok... we'll try asap! :)  

  4. # Blogger 快樂牛郎

    Ya, I noticed that too. Kinda weird, those ppl will think that us Chinese will invade England.  

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