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香港組合: My Little Airport

- Nicole & P of My Little Airport

最近發現一段有關香港 Harbour Records 旗下二人組合 My Little Airport 的舊文章. 覺得有趣. 在此分享.

「 ... Are they the perfect Hong Kong indie band? Quirky and original enough to make it as indie, My Little Airport are catchy and easy-going enough to appeal to the populace. When their single "The OK Thing to do on a Sunday Afternoon is Toddle to the Zoo" toddled to number 10 on the commercial charts, they signed on for mainstream cred. And, to prove it, the eponymous album sold out in two weeks. But it's been a year since then and P (Lam Pang) and Nicole Au Kin-ying have popped up in two indie compilations and released the first single off a second album. With a song named "When I Listen to the Field Mice" how can the band be anything but indie...?

... The pair will be graduating this year from the Hong Kong Shue Yan College course in which they met. Last year they expressed doubt at being able to pursue music as their sole career and, despite their initial success, they haven't changed their minds: the industry may be slowly growing, but 'slowly' is the operative word.

"The scene is bigger," admits Nicole. "But it doesn't mean more people are listening to indie bands' music, especially in Hong Kong." ... 」

閱讀全文: BC Magazine

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最新大碟「只因當時太緊張」 Tracklist:

1. GiGi Leung is Dead
2. I don’t know how to download good AV like Iris does
3. 只因當時太緊張
4. 失落沮喪歌
5. 就當我是張如城
6. 白田購物中心
7. Leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?
8. 你的微笑像朵花
9. 春天在車廂裡
10. My Little Fish

樂隊官方網頁: My Little Airport

2 Responses to “香港組合: My Little Airport”

  1. # Anonymous Henry Cho


    話時話, 你聽過佢地o個隻 When I Listen to the Field Mice?? 唔知邊度有.....  

  2. # Blogger FM 90.1【言樂坊】

    真巧合... I was looking for that song too. It was on a two-song EP they released just before their album 「只因當時太緊張」. It's gonna be hard to find. We'll try...

    And Yes... I hope they don't quit. Honestly, how could they stop? Their songs are so charming, and they are huge everywhere... even "Tiny Mix Tapes" is raving about their new cd. 總之就 fingers crossed la...  

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